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Fibroids are frightening and worrying. When I had them, all I wanted to know about was how to get rid of them. It was often hard to get real hard facts or to know which sources to trust. I know that my healing story is true but I know you may want more solid proof that fibroids really can be cured.

I have therefore provided the scans and documents that evidence the facts here. There really is a natural alternative to surgery and drugs, learn how to harness your own natural healing. Cure the cause and get rid of fibroids forever!

Scan of Pedunculated Fibroid during pregnancy image This scan was taken during my first pregnancy in August 1995 and clearly shows a large pedunculated fibroid which is marked on the scan.

The fibroid was flat, the size of a plate and threatened the success of my pregnancy.

Fibroid Confirmation Letter ( post-natal ) I was detetermined to keep my baby and in January 1996 my son was born healthy and happy. This post-natal letter confirms that the fibroid still remained but had shrunk to the size of a grapefruit and would likely remain this size.

I knew that surgery or drugs to get rid of the fibroid was not an option, I had already learned that cutting parts out of our bodies is rarely an ideal solution. I knew my body had created this fibroid and I determined to heal naturally, to get to the root cause of the fibroid and fix it.

Once I had committed to my own healing process it took about 3 months for me to know in myself that the fibroid had gone. I outline the entire process in my book.

Got Rid Of Fibroid This scan was taken during my second pregnancy and confirmed what I already knew, that the fibroid had gone and that my pregnancy was completely normal.

Fibroid Consultant Opinion ( confiming fibroids gone ) I have subsequently requested that the obstetrician & gynaecologist consultant who oversaw both my pregnancies re-examine my scans and medical file to confirm that my fibroid had indeed gone. This letter confirms the presence of the fibroid in my first pregnancy and that there was no sign of a fibroid in my second.

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A Living Example that You Can Cure Your Fibroids Naturally

There you have it; clear medical evidence and fully documented. I did it! I outline other similar cases in the book, documented by doctors where fibroids are cured without drugs or surgery by tackling the key underlying causes. It really can be done quite naturally.

Get Rid of Fibroids Naturally In my book, I not only provide you with all the details of the process I went through to cure my fibroid, I actually take you through that process providing all the resources you need including several audio sessions. I did it and you can too!

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